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We’re a combination of writers, developers, tinkerers, innovators, storytellers at large – with a certain knack for understanding people, brands and data.

We help brands get online, launch campaigns, generate leads and grow; we’re the guiding partner you can always rely on. Our services cover a wide range of capabilities spanning through content, distribution, insight, and technology backed by a proven methodology to consistently deliver ROI.


Who we are.

Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.

Whether we are graphic designers, ergonomists or even developers, our main goal is to give each project its own creative and unique solution. This enables us to question all the uses and methods of the digital field in order to find the best current and future techniques.
We are all passionate about our jobs and area of expertise while also being curious about other related fields. We work as if we were alchemists, meaning that we strive for harmony and we discuss between each others in order to carry out each of our projects successfully.

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Humboldt Redwood
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Ready to make it happen.

Long distance relationships, dialed in.

We’re a new kind of media company. A group of people that want to re-imagine the way that stories are told. People that get bored of advertisements, sponsored content people that understand how important the underlying math really is.

We’re young, energetic and vibrant. We see everything as content, and we make sure it’s out there. The degrees you hold and your age doesn’t bring anywhere enough value as the stories you’ve told and the work you’ve done. We respect hard work, passion and more than anything else, the eagerness to learn.

In a world where everything changes with a swipe, click and snap, we need you to be versatile and able to adapt.