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We’re a creative agency with an expertise in crafting custom websites.


Founded in early 2018, C32 Media Labs is a team of crafty designers, developers, copywriters and strategists located in Pune, IN. We work with motivated clients across a wide range of sectors including established brands, universities, non-profits, startups and entrepreneurs.

We cover a large range of creative digital projects, platforms, and campaigns with one purpose: to create experiences

We want to be the Abbott to your Costello, the bread to your butter, the Mario to your Luigi. Basically, we want to team up to create compelling experiences that will both transform your brand and make your mother proud. We’re the dreamers and achievers with the dedication and experience to breathe life into your digital marketing fantasies.



Helping your brand find
its voice and standout online.

Strategy & Story

Beauty and brawn only get you so far.

We are the new age era capable of adapting to continuous change. We are a multidisciplinary team, innovation focused, made of highly creative personalities, driven by the desire to build valuable and meaningful experiences


More than just making things look prrrty.

Every successful business needs to have a memorable and unique brand identity and communication. We value quality and attention to detail over quantity and provide well-considered, idea-based design solutions

Web Development

The stuff you don't notice until it doesn't work.

We create unique websites, based on the most up-to-date technologies. Our team takes into consideration your business problems and provides systematic, reasoned and proven solutions.

Video & Photography

Say cheese!

The Creative Bar handles it all under one roof—creative concepts, storyboarding, script writing, art direction, casting, location scouting, shooting, directing, special effects, producing, editing, motion graphics, color grading and more. Whether your goal is a national commercial, diverse social media content, or just a local company promo reel, we give premium attention to all budgets and project sizes.



Our story.

Meet The Founders


We are a small, but powerful and independent team of digital project creators, truly loving our job. We start each day with new ideas, help each other grow and learn from one another. Each project needs to be perfected to the extent that allows us to support the reputation of a trusted partner and raises the bar of our ambition higher and higher.


By choosing us, you can feel safe about the quality, dedication and attentiveness to your project. We think of the smallest details and features in the early stages of the project and share the best practices and our experience with you. Our style can be easily recognized: neat and not overloaded designs, super smooth animations, accurate programming code and convenient administration panel.


Vikram Golani

Vikram Golani

An Aeronautical Engineer By Chance But a Digital Marketer by choice.


Sumedh Bhalerao

Sumedh Bhalerao

There Is Too Much Crankiness In My Blood System


Misha Chitharanjan

Raj Amit Singh


Hello India.

Work. Live. Play.